lundi 27 janvier 2014

EVOLUTION TOUR 2009 : explanations

Hi everyone, for people are followed me since this blog exists I had never the time to edit the movie about my trip around the Europe. This journey was called : EVOLUTION TOUR

Last week, I checked the old hard drive with all footages for 1 year and I guess that now between my trainings and the rest time I could try at least to make some episodes of this awesome 2009 year. I can not guaranty that I will be fast but the idea is still in my mind.

 I show up a movie made in 2008 -before the departure- by Revolve Studio - which explains a bit what was my goals for this Evolution Tour. I also have to inform you that without the help of my Petzl sponsor I could not think to achieve this project which was a big chance to know myself, to explore, to meet different cultures, people and philosophies of lives. Petzl gave me -by Paul PETZL- this awesome van that I have now for 5 years and I could not stop to say "thanks a lot" to them.

 I wish you the best for you to take at least once in your life to take your freedom in this seek world who doesn't go well!
RIBIERE Philippe talks about EVOLUTION TOUR 2009 from Info RIBIERE on Vimeo.
Have nice time on the rock.

Philippe RIBIERE

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