jeudi 19 septembre 2013


As all popular bouldering places as Rocklands or Fontainebleau and for sure other places not really known, the climbing is on the time to get consequences of our mistakes. I do remember to write an article about the shit that we can make in the purpose or not. But when we talk about to poo in the forest and to clean our trash it is incredible how we don't think for the view of the people when they come to walk or to run. What? Is it so hard to make a hole, to poo and to cover your nice work? Are you in hurry to forget this simple thing? So when we think we are the only one in this planet ; we have to think that some honors have not the same idea than us.

Can you imagine to walk in the forest or to climb on your problem and to see all the paper toilettes near your nostrils? I hope your answer is "NO". So why we are pretending to be ecologist and to protect the nature because we are climbers. We have to believe that we are liars. If I write "WE" or "OUR" it is because I maybe made once the mistake to forget to burn my paper toilettes. 

Why to write this text? Because I was in Magic Wood to talk with Bodhi Climbing about the consequence of the clean-up day. All volunteers find a lot trash. Not just because some of climbers was shitting around out of the base camp... Consequences are really clear and simple. The community village make an ultimatum which is hided as a reality coming soon to Bodhi Climbing. They gonna to close the campground of Magic Wood. AND it also means the forest will be closed and no anymore possibilities to climb in Magic Wood. Maybe it is not your fault or the fault of anyone but the fact is OUR fault. Now we get the shit happens! In my sarcastic sentence I will say thank you at all people can feel guilty.
I think now it is my job to talk about to clean our environment because I represent on somehow a problem about the climbing. And I won't it becomes more dirty because I would love not that my friends and the next generation can not climb anymore outside just because we make the mess.

How to shit in the forest? 


2 commentaires:

  1. Hey Pilippe!! Good think that you make us think about this subject!! Thank you!
    But please, don't burn your toilet paper... bring it back with you. Here is an example of a big fire caussed by toilet paper burning...
    Thanks again!!
    Juan Granella

  2. Why not to reconsider the concept of the Base Camp,and build a clean camping we the help of the locals, we are in Switzerland! The base camp is a shame, it's dirty ,not hygienic,impossible to use the WC!