vendredi 12 juillet 2013

ROC TRIP TARN - NATURAL GAMES - European Paraclimbing Championships 2013

After the french and the american competition, I went to the Roc Trip Tarn and the Natural Games to continue the training.
Obviously I was really tired by all travels, concentrations and emotions that I need to keep going my progression for the next and important competition for the European Championships.

First you can see some reports of the Roc Trip Tarn here

Member of the Petzl Team

After fews days to rest, I drove to Chamonix for the European Championships. It is not so easy to keep the motivation and the concentration because it is also easy to be disturb by the reality of the life. I decided to choice to not spend my time in the gym and I went to St Just a small bouldering place in France.

 I had really good times and good feelings about my climbing. sometimes when we forgot the reason why we are focused, everything become easier. Like when you solve your private problems by consequence, you feel stronger and lighter in your life and for my case, in the climbing.

So finally the day of the competition is arrived and I wont to have any regrets about my last training with my slovenians friends and my personal training. This is the most important thing which change my concentration for the competition. In plus, I decided to have fun on the wall and I felt more joyful and happy to be in the french team. By consequences for the qualifications I climb almost my best for the first one until a hold moved when I pushed on my left leg. I was a bit nervous to try again the route but finally I took the "best" decision to not restart because I had a second route qualification to do. After my second qualification I am pretty sure I took the best solution.
So at the end I go to the final...

To be continued....

Waiting the next post, I show you some links talking about the European Championships  down there. Click on pictures !!!

Philippe Ribiere

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