dimanche 2 juin 2013

Limay's National Competition

Sorry to be absent for couple weeks but it is the life.
Sometimes the life is so fast that you can realize all things you want.

Last week I just came back form Romania where I spent 12days to promote the Wild One film and to climb with many friends met there. Always when I visit a new country I feel many spirits and good vibrations. I will let you know about my private life (even is not with the film) if it is an happy end but right now I keep the secret for my close friends.

This 2nd June I went to Limay for a national competition and also who serve for the coach as a selection for the next french team!
Not so long many sentences to exprime this day. But I have to admit I was badly motivated to keep my place in this team. Anyway, I was maybe too much and I was not so far to be rejected. But sometimes spirits and souls helps you to go on your side. But this time I will say that I train a lot with my friend Urh Cehovin who pushed me a lot to train in Slovenia. Hvala my friend I appreciate your helps and I wish you will be still my trainer for the next seasons!
My first qualification was so fast that I didn't realize I was really calm to manage it. But the second qualification route was an other history because I slept with my right hand. I was cranky with myself because I thought I broke all my trainings in 1 seconds. And that is the horrible thing could happen at all champions that we are.
Just 5mn to go out alone, to scream and to calm down....I came back to the game.
Yes I go to finals and I want to be selected...
I walk so motivated, to not look the public, the last chalk on hands..and go!
I felt where I didn't expected but at least i did my job without any regrets.
I finished in the second place in my categorie. Coola Seka Boula!

Now I just rest in Font for 2 days and Wenesday I go to Vail for the World Cup where there is a paraclimbing competition. I will also represent the only french member of the team because It was not included in the program of the world cup. So I go by myself and I have to say " Thx you North Face" ...

See you around the world.

Philippe Ribiere

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