mercredi 8 mai 2013


Hi everyone

I missed up that not everyone has the Facebook to follows the promotional tour in the east countries.
Well! in the beginning march I went to Croatia to make a tour : Split, Rijeka and Zagreb
So I spent really nice time with croatian people who care about me. In the same ti\me, I met also the french lady from the french embassy who respect my work and to propose me to make some lecture for them. It is a good recognizing and I am proud of it. Sorry!

Then as you know I went to Macedonia to clean new lines and to play the music for the festival. It is always a new world or a new dimension there. We always have good times and we feel at home. I propose you to watch again the film to get inspired and maybe to join us for the next trip in the end of october. Come !

After Macedonia I spent all my times in the climbing gyms to push myself on the hard training. I always was with my friend Urh Cehovin who was a competitor at the time when I started the climbing sport. Let talk about it! I have to admit that in somehow the training is good addiction and also an help to get less the ego about your strength to compare with others. Climbing is not a competition to fight with your concurrent. It is only you and the rock! Your brain has to be relax and focused on the moves. The most important I learned about myself is my weakness to grab small old. In fact, as you know my forearms has not strength and I have to exercise to get this "small" strength. At least I train a lot on the changement of the position of my fingers. Often when I am pumped or not sure to do the movement I used to put the thumb on the old and his covered by 4 fingers. I missed always the space but I had the guaranty to do the movement.

first one : before                                     Training                                                After

It is a lot of progression for me but in the other side I accepted to regress one grade because the charge of the training drives me slowly tired. So the energy is not the same and I had to accept this defeat. In slovenian language, they says " Je biga"...That's the life!

For the end of my east trip I went to inaugurate the climbing gym of my friends : Luka Fonda and Mina Markovic who opened this new gym near the border of the Italia (Trieste) and Slovenia (Sesana). If one day you go to Slovenia and the rain makes the confusion, go to PLUS CLIMBING GYM and you will get the fun.

One week later my week-end was busy and I thought I will die by exhausting.

Firstly I was invited by the Domzale Film Festival where I felt the first time a bit not confortable when I
saw the speaker with tears on her cheeks. Waow it words.

 Domzale Film Festival

Then I went to Pohtoroz to do a coaching for the YES. It is an association in Slovenia was founded with the aim to connect the generation of young and talented individuals from various fields of activity, in order to create a positive and supportive environment in which young people can fully realize their potential. Read more >>>
I was so lucky to be invited by Til Jovovic who belief at my story after to see the trailer of the Wild One. It was also a good ambient when you see the pretties hostess who care about me. Oups i go so far now with this sentence ;-)
After a good night on the Life Style Hotel, I went to support the NLP Ligua organized by gyms in Ljublijana where I rowling the music for the final.
After this busy week-end I went to sleep in the peace and ready to go to Melloblocco where I showed the film the 2nd May and also to be the DJ with my friend Dave Graham. Read more >>>

To be continued....

Philippe RIBIERE

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