samedi 20 octobre 2012


Now in Slovenia, I spend my time in hte training and some visit outside to touch the stone. It is so good after the World Championships in Paris. Even do i was a bit disappointed by myself because I missed sone training. And we know that it is the most important part of the competition if we want any chance to do the best. To be honest, I think I was a kind of tourist because I was not so motivate to do again the competition. It is a big paradox because I wanted to defend my bronze medal of last year in Arco but I forgot that other paraclimbers could be more motivate. So at this pointless I have to recognize in one year, the spirit changes a lot because last year it was more "amateur". Don't make me wrong! I mean that now I have to fight to get my place in finals. When I saw my camarades competed in finals I was so envious of them because the route looked for me and it is sucks to stay on my chair to watch it. 
It is a good lesson for myself and it sounds also a bit to correct my "pretending". So now I have to cont of the progression of each paraclimbers wich come more and more in the category. It means also that my work for 12years was not for nothing and it means also that paraclimbers wanted to exprim their climbing but maybe they didn't know how to do.
(c) Breceljnik Jure
To change the subject and to answer at some questions from differents emails, I give you some dates to present the "Wild One".

- FRANCE: 9 novembre 2012 : Pyrenecimes
- SLOVENIA : 12th-22th decenber 2012
- FRANCE: 9th Janurary in CRDP of Grenoble 

After my month in Ljublijana, I am going the 26th october until the 4th november to Macedonia to clean and to open soe bouldering with my slovenians friends. Just to remember this place and to give you the envy to join us. Check it these movies ! Enjoy.....Adijo!!!

Macedonia Bouldering Festival from lfonda on Vimeo.

MR McTrip from Jure Niedorfer on Vimeo.


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