mercredi 15 août 2012


Just came back from the famous place of Rocklands. I just write a simple report about this trip to give the envy at people to join us in the paradise of the climbing. We went with a huge team composed of 12 crazy and funny climbers. It was enough to get the pleasure and to climb in the good ambient even do there it was a good weather. I am so glad to meet them because it is real values to enjoy and to not complain about the difference of the level. To talk about the level, there is a lot of easy problems like too much hard problems. It is good climbing for everyone but the thing is you have to walk. In fact it is not a big deal! Ok ok I am lazy! In Rockland you have many choices to live. Or you sleep in the camping with 3 euros per day, or you rent two places like the Travel Rest or the Alpha Excelsior. Anyway you will found many nice climbers and you will never think to loose your time. We made many nice parties in the camping and I had the opportunity to show the WILD ONE film in the Alpha Excelsior by the honor who is really friendly. Other thing when you go there. If you think that everything is free, you are wrong. Because now you have to pay at least 50 rounds (5euros) per person to enter in the Pass (Fortress, Road Side, Road Crew and other places) but it is not everywhere. If you have a problem to pay it, go somewhere else. Also it is true that we don't know exactly who get this money because places climbing are at some "rich people"..
Honestly I am pretty sure Rocklands could become an expansive destination for the bouldering. Why I say that? Last winter I went to Hueco Tanks where i paid many times to climb and I knew it. But Rocklands is a "new" place and I am afraid that It starts to be the mess and also an example about the futur to have the "chance" to climb. And these 2 places are not the only examples. You have to know for instance that in Belgium the system of payment is the same. My position on his subject is really clear and the fact is the climbing sport starts to be popular and consequences are right now. Or you get angry because it is not the habitude to pay and you go somewhere else Or you accept the game that places are private and you pay to visit your favorite place of the bouldering. In these 2 cases, we have to know it is also to protect the nature and the flora.... Finally if you don't accept it, stay in your climbing gym..and you will pay OR go outside to become "a bandit". I like it a lot this simple idea. All time we come back at the subject of the freedom...Is it easy and expansive to get the freedom? I don't think so.
To change the subject we went to the famous Capetown to finish the trip. My advices are also simple. First try to not be paranoia even do there is many pick pockets are waiting to till your credit card. One of my camarade got this bad experience in 15 seconds. If you are not rich guy, we advice you to go to the Penthouse where it is cheap to sleep (12euros perso/night). Penthouse is located in the cross of the Church Street and Long Street. So now I am in Font after 24hrs of traveling and I can't decide where to go before the world championship...maybe Spain? NB: later I will put a short clip about Rocklands.

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