vendredi 2 mars 2012

Macedonia Bouldering Festival

Hi everyone,

I present you a festival organized by the Urban Roof. I can't wait to be there in 3 weeks. YES!

Prilep, Makedonija. Casual macedonian city with one special feature. Green landscapes with endless potential granted by virgin rocks... bla bla bla;))

Last weekend in April a special gathering takes place amidst these granite rocks, that the locals have named Krali Marko-International Boulder Meeting. A perfect excuse for anyone thirsty for climbing, pozitive(dont know the english translation;),for gathering and discovering new lines in this unique environment and which seems as if it remained somewhere in the(our) past.
This time, because of growing interest, we will try to better organise ourselves. Departure will be friday 23. march evening, and we will be returning 1.april. The idea was, that this time we head towards Prilep with a bus. The journey is long, roads are bad, and going with cars would mean kaos for sure and in Prilep we dont actually need them. Sooo in case we are sufficient number the price for the bus would be 60EUR which is comparable the expenses of going by car.

For acomodations for Prilep, we are in contact with the locals and a certain lady, culture advisor?, and who are ensuring us that they will get right spots for us, also in terms of prices. More things will be clear, when we know how many of us are going this time.

Anyone interested in, wishes to go or has already decided to go, please damn translation,... speak up?:) Ja just let Miha know he or she is going....

check it the moviie and some more infos >>>

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