lundi 11 juillet 2011


Hi everyone,

It is official, my training is done after 4 months with suffers, exercises and some new technical stuff.
So, to be honest, I don't know where I am and it is better like this. Ok! I train to get more powerful and to exprime myself on the wall during the World Championship of PARACLIMBING.
It is the new category that I wished and I worked 12 years to get this Paraclimbing's category. It is really important for me because I prove at myself that I can do something nice with my propre hands. When you believe at something in your life, why don't take the risk to realize our dream ? I thought last 12 years that the climbing will become in the olympic games and we got some informations last week that is in the good way. Maybe in 2020, we will be in the olympic games...

My sponsors, PETZL, BEAL, LA SPORTIVA, NORTH FACE, JULBO and CLIMB ON trust me for almost 10 years to explain what is my philosophy of the handicap between the climbing. They were right and they still to believe at me. Thank you so much because I opened my heart, my brain, my suffers, my wishes, and my love to you. You are so important to me because you support me for long time and It means a lot for me.

After all this years, I win and I realize my wishes. If I can do, you can do that. No ?

Well right now, I take some rest, to enjoys my time with my slovenians friends.
I hope to see you in Arco the 18th and 19th July to support all the disabled climbers who are like us : the champions.

" Get up, stand up ! Stand up for your rights "

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