mercredi 12 janvier 2011

Some part of the life

From Slovenia ...
Well, i just realize many things about the past months and for sure i enjoyed the filming of WILD ONE where I spent the time in Mexico, USA, Japan and Martinique to finish her in Slovenia. Like the weather, i am a little lost, gray, tired by physically and mentally. Because i changed all the time of the place with the "jet-lags" and finally I did the turn of the world in 2 months. Add the periods of stress when I missed planes, I could not to get the cash money (thx VISA), no possible to call my friends, and to have a lot of emotion about the quest of my roots. You will see in the movie how it was. Not all time easy...
Why i write that because even if I adored a lot to travel, well of course everything has a moral consequence. Now I am in this period to recharge my batteries and to cancel this feelings of nostalgic or the sadness. I admit that i do not recognize myself and this emotions but by opposite I am sure that the futur gonna be alright and I am not a super man. Like said a woman that I met in US " You are a space cow-boy". Thx Linda !

I am not here to complain myself but that is true that sometimes, we - peoples- need to expel our emotions on papers. That is not wrong, it is an help too.

Now I will rest for one week in Paris and then to pack to India for 2 weeks.
Some pics are here >>>

See you. Philippe Ribiere

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