lundi 8 novembre 2010

PETZL Roc Trip Mexico

All travels aere totaly differents, even that i didn't know that this last week could be.
After the Font part, I traveled in Mexique to participate at the famous Roc Trip by PETZL.
first day, we spend 8 hours in the mexican aeroport with Tony, Loic and Mickey to wait the Team america to finish in Taxco. We arrive at midnight in the cute villas where all the rest of the team was already.
Next day, we went in El Chonta to pratice our activity. After 30mn to walk, we were totally crazy after the landscape of the cave. Check it some pictures
I was a little bit supris by cops who stayed front the climbers with guns on the belt. Imagine the situation....Second thing really nice is the enthousiasm of the mexicans climbers who stopped you each 5mn to take a picture with your favorite climber. Still in my mind because they are really nice and i was thinking that we got them the plaisure when we climbed. Why not...?
After wo days in El Chontq, we went in Jilopetec where we had everyone one project. I had a hard 7a for me that i didn't send but I enjoyed the climbing: even thought that we were in 2400 metres of altitude and so it was really cold. It was the major difficulty of this trip without except the place where we slep: This house was empty and without toilettes and even it was for grils. hopefully managers rents a room in hostel to keep the health of her. So nice.

During the rest day, we drove to visit the famous Azteque Pyramides : Teotihuacán.
For my part, I felt in love for the landscape and i fel the spirit of Azteques. I would like to go back and to live with them. By oposite, we had the chance to hacve the ceremonial sauna : Tamarido sauna. Imagine 15 climbers inside the sauna in the dark who song the traditional ceremonial to hunt the bad spirits. "Ohhhh mateo".

At the end of the week, we spend a really nice party with a traditional band. amazing to see all cultures and nice spirits in this world. I liked a lot. I will miss you a lot.

I want to say a big thank at everyone who cooked for us, to drive for us, to support us...everything.
Thanks at the french and usa team PETZL. I would like to come back

To be honnest, it was one of the best travel that i made. Mexicans are exactly like i imagined with the culture, food and colors.You should come to see with your eyes.

Copyright Colette McInerney

Now I'm waiting to take a plan for Denver.
See you for more news.

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Petzl Roctrip Mexico 2010 - El Chonta Rodeo from Petzl-sport on Vimeo.

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