vendredi 8 octobre 2010

WILD ONE movie

The WILD ONE is starting with the FILMIT.SI !

I write this text because it's a little bit important for me cause It' could change my personal life. LAst day, 7th october, I visited the Hospital Pellegrin in Bordeaux after 6 hours drive and a short night. I was so excited to know if I have the real Rubenstein's Taby or not.
At 8am, the alarm ring on my table and it is the time to wake up. I don't control my feelings but i drive like a sleepwalker in the direction of the hospital. At 10:30 am, I meet the professor Lacombe who asked to come here in the goal to do some differents tests on my body.
Well ! After 15mn, he thought that I've not the Rubenstein-Taby and by opposit, I can have a "normal" baby. That's great new for me but even I've never thinking what is this syndrôme. That's why, actually, I'm not really enthousiast, happy or sad. Im' just here in the present and I keep just this essential effect.
So ! I can addict something else that two friends follow me during the making off like my angel and "ma puce". This part is good to continue in this documentary and to discover more and more the love that I can have.
With Professor LACOMBE

Now, I need to sleep for fews minutes cause tomorow It will be hard to climb with my friend all the week-end. I'm so excited !

See you for the next news or follows the history here >>>

Peace and Love

Philippe Ribiere

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