mercredi 1 septembre 2010

Time of Ayre

In the life, we have sometimes fews problems on our mind. What we can does ? In first intention, We can think all the time that our perception is right but in reality, it was a little bit wrong and right. For a traveler like me, it's often difficult to align my lifestyle with my friends who understandood my position. Sometimes I feel sad for the absence of the communication because in my opinion, they must be reciprocal. The truth is that I'm really out of step with them and yet it takes is a serious and frank discussion to clear the bad spirits.
Before yesterday, I found two friends for an afternoon of climbing.
Olivier in "J'ai sauvé Robinson" 7a+/b
Cyril in the starting-block

As an animal released from its chains, I ran up to this new state form to send a 6c. Usually I put fews weeks to complete this grade but recently I applied all images of competitions in this summer at Arco and Munich.
This knowledge, I will try to apply for a possible a particpation in the Paraclimbing world Cup of the IFSC.
"Père Noël est une ordure" 6c stand up
I need energy ....

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I change the subject. Last time, I get a gift in my letter-box by a fan. It's sound greeat because she wrote me a letter (mmmhhh..suspense) with this toy who call "Edy" with his bag. Heeeeuuu. I'm..lucky ;-).
Eddy, the traveler climber
Philippe Ribiere

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