jeudi 12 août 2010


Let's go ! In my first nintention, It was to stay one week in Ljublijana to rest. But you knows, for the first week, I didn't do someting else for myself. "Philppe, goes here then here and after here". It was great but I admit that sometimes it was full for my brain. Ok, I thinks that it was the best holidays's summer in my life ; except the Evolution Tour. I met many people during 3 weeks and I enjoyed all the time with the pretties girls who give me a lot of love and more consideration to progress in my private life ! Maybe, the next sentence will be stupid but when nobody said that you are someone and you could be cut ; it's not possible to found a lairy in your life. I find something else in my soul ; something like LOVE but I don't know this word who is really mysterious for me.

Why I write all that ?
Because we are starting a new documentary with the FILMIT who made "Chalk and Chocolate", "Tango Vertical" for nthe climbing part and the Snowgroomer. I can't talk anymore about the film but you will see soon.
Before I have been in, the training camp with many kids already to look and to listen my temoignage. I was satisfate that this childs are enthousiaste and they are not afraid to ask some hard questions. That's the life !
After this session, we went with Jure, Natalija, Nina and Mariana in Trenta's place. It small place with some problems of bouldering and Jure continue to film some sequences for the next movie. A nice message for the girls who are really nice with the french guy. Héhééhhé ! I had a special massage by Marina who can find buried emotions in your heart.
After I was so relax for the shooting and the climbing. I fell good !
Picture by Jure Breceljnik
Natalija, me, and Nina...
After this nice week-end who finished bty a special diner for myself , we went in Munich to support the slovenia team, french team and to do the last party of the worldcup 2010. Now I have the Austria shirt, with the Team Manager slovenia's card and I'm french. It was so fun and now i want compet for the Partaclimbing Cup in 2011.

I'm so tired but it's good time to go in Croatia and exactly in Pula to shoot some sequence of Deep Water Soloing !

I'm full emotions and I'm sad to leave but "C'est comme ça" !
Last days with Martina in Trenta !

See you slovenians in April. I will miss you !

Dancing Fire with Philippe Ribiere from lfonda on Vimeo.

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