samedi 10 juillet 2010

EVOLUTION TOUR : show in Petzl and Boouldering in Swtzerland

Amazing ! It's the first time that I check internet inside the fucking Mc Donald's but sometimes when you need to work ; it's last solution.
So, last week, I went inthe Petzl's firm to show the short clip who represent the journey of last year : Evolution Tour.
First thing, I did all things alone : filming, making, music and editing. It was a little bit complicate for myself to show one year in 10 mn for the Natural Games who asked me this works. Imagine, I have 50 tapes to download and then to work during 2 months at reason 13h by day on the laptop. Sic ! I was similare at the Albinos's rat.
After, I stopped 2 days in Chamonix before to down in Plex who is special place to climb. I choiced this place because it's an altitude and it's cooler. I had the luck cause I met directly some locals climbers who shows me the best problems. It's like it that I was climbing a 6b/c after 5 runs. I was happy for an Albinos who don't climb for 2 months.
I stayed one week to live like a gipsy or a bohemian where my first goal was to do : NOTHING. I like that !
Today, I'm in Chamonix to meet my friend Mickey Fuselier, Julien Gras, Nico André and 2 guest to test the roots : Romain Desgranges and François "Big" Legrand.
At this time, I receveid a bad message who kill me for all the day. This person is died and is joining all the angels in the sky. I loved you ! Bye


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