mardi 11 mai 2010


Ciao tutti,

Some pictures of the week-end in Melloblocco...Not so bad but i enjoyed the parties in the tente. Well ! Thanks you at all climbers came to speack at me, to support my last tour and to jump when i song on the stage with the Sagagnass Sound System 's krew during the party of Friday.Austria's krew : Cody Roth, Johana Ernst, Jorg Verhoven and Killian Fishuber
7b close the mountain's house
Yes..Me too !
You know what I mean
Fabien is ?
Climber girl
Martina Mali after in the Petzl'team..What you think ? Enjoys...
The 8a
Lafouche photographer or DJ Lafouche ?
Loic Gaidioz
Mickael Fuselier on 8a+
Jerôme Meyer...somewhere on the top
Special interview for italian...i want his stuff !

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