mercredi 19 mai 2010

Magic Work

Sometime, when you wake up, you feel good and it's the best moment to take your luck.
Morning my angel give me the confident, the respect and the strenght. You should have one for your life. I'm sure of that and I'm an angel too.

Whenever, I use my faults to be an artist or to climb well ! Normally it's the other site like to depresh or to be sad. For myself, It's good because like this I progress in my mind and to change my focus for many ideas.
So, this afternoon, I went on my secret place to train many boulder who are quiet high but pretty intersting for the strong climber. Also, I have enjoys my day and I full of the happiness in my hearth. "It's good day to died." cf Little Big Man (check it down)

I love the climbing and I love the angel

nb: Everything gonna be all right

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