mercredi 31 mars 2010

Rest weeks

After my tendinitis, i must stop for 2 weeks. So pitty, but it's pretty good after 16 years of the climb, that i've just only that. So cool but now i couldn't wait to return on the rock. Hopefully, I have an angel and today i received of my new sponsor : YOGI TEA.
Well! during all the time, i'm work a lot for the "EVOLUTION" movie and it's a little bit complicate when I hade such pleasur on my turn, many ideas to explain why I'm a professional climber and how it was hard to convainc all climber that I am climber and not a disabled climber. I am a MAN.

So, I have visited the Capelle's place with Gaston and Fred (friends from Ardeche) and they worked the strange mouvement with a crimp on the right hand and a bad pinche in your left. The mouvement is complicate because the crimpe is little.
Only one guy, Guillaume Glairon-Mondet find the solution and he sended it that after 15 minutes. The line call now "Trace la Route" 8a/8a+....Oh man, now you need to wait cause you have a pulley. Be careful with your health, dude ! Well now, i continue my job and everything gona be all right !
How you can made a movie ?

Escuse me, last information : Natalija Gros sended it again an 8a but no flash. Strongest !!!

See you on the boulder

Philippe Ribiere

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