mardi 5 janvier 2010

You should be fan ?

Morning, i moved to clean my last place in Nimes. I taken my coffee and my Chapson friend called me for a meeting about the next projects two of us. To do it the news tracks for my next album and to make the clip.
After 5 kms, i read on the wall something strange. I dream or what ? Stop the music in the car and to stop the car, and i goes to read the word. And check it down !
So funny ! Maybe i've a fan who love me. I wish that it's a girl or a pretty girl. I have take the picture like this and don't touch the sign. Really crazy to look that ! No ?
And too, there is five words on the road...Do you thinks that the messenger wants to exprim something ?
No transition, you can read an article of the Evolution Tour in my hometown..HERE.>>>

Philippe Ribiere

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