mardi 26 janvier 2010

Evolution Tour : Slideshow in France

Today, it's a slideshow in my old college when I've been there for my studies. A new challenge for myself, i have explains where i comes from, my climbing and the Evolution Tour.
I did a nice slideshow and i was so proud. Same when a girl student asked me "if i have a girlfriend now ?". sic, amaizing question that i can't talk in my blog. Secret reply !

I does the lecture with my simplicity, the charismatic histories and a lot of humor.
The hundred students are so funny and smart and i don't remember if i was like them.
But my professors told me that I had more potentiel but i was so young to understand what i can do with my handicap physical.
I'm so decontract, and no nervous !

For the french part, i will have 2 interview this week with Radio France Bleue Gard/Lozere and a documentary with FR3.
Enjoys your life !

Philippe Ribiere

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