mardi 30 juin 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : Natural Games

Hi everybody,

It was a long time that i didn't wrote the news on this blog. I wanted to stay quiet with all my friends in Ardeche. A part from, the people who talk about me with jealousy ; i was really sad to hearl certainly words and it was difficult to return in France for the reasons. Why the human is stupid ?
Hopefully, in Natural Games, i was good to review all my friends of Petzl Team. There was (maybe) 8 thousand peoples and more for see the Fabtor's jump, Slykline; Paragliding, Bike and Kayaking. There is a lot article about this event >>>

I was really happy to meet some people who give me much the ennergies when i was been on the stage with Djemdi band. Thanks a lot !
It's really nice for continue my journey and yesterday i driven 5 hours for rejoin Bleau. So, for respond at the one question : where i can find my energy ? The reply is in the picture.
Philippe Ribiere

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